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Our bitches.



Trulteskogen Kennel four females today and two angels.

The five females are:


Trulteskogen's Effi My Endless Love

Trulteskogen's Doris Dream Of Luck

Trulteskogen's Coco Sweet As Candy

Trulteskogen's Bertha Born For Me

Stall Mascot Money Money


Only Coco used for breeding today. Molly and Bertha have retired, Doris will be used in breeding 2017 and Effi inn 2018.


See pictures and pedigree at their subfolder to this page and more pictures that are in the gallery folder.




Trulteskogen's Doris Dream Of Luck.

I kept her from our D litter.

She was born 15.07.2014.


Trulteskogen's Coco Sweet As Candy.

I kept her from our C litter.

She was born 08.04.2013.



Trulteskogen's Bertha Born For Me.

I kept her from our B litter, and she is the mother of our C litter.

She was born 26.09.2010.




Stall Mascot Money Money "Molly" was our second pug, and she is the mother of our A litter.

She was born 27.10.2003.




Tangetoppen's Trulte Theodora was our first pug. She was born 27.10.2003.

Unfortunately, she died of cancer on 07.10.2015, almost 12 years old.

Trulte never got any puppies, but she will still be remembered forever in our kennel name :-)




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