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Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great


Born 27.07.2009.


NKK Norwegian winner Show, Lillestrøm 14.11.2014.

NV-14 CIB NORD RO ROGr UCH Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great.


With the new title in the luggage mean Akilles that he deserves more candies.

NKK Norwegian winner Show, Lillestrøm 14.11.2014.


NV-14 CIB NORD RO ROGr UCH Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great.

National Triple Dog Show in Skien 26.07. - 28.07.2013.

Sunday, 28.07.2013, and the third day the Norwegian Pug Club had their Special Breed Dog Show. The judge was breed specialist Moira Grant-Cook from Ireland and one of the owner of Kennel Kerronmor.

NORD N SE DK UCH Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great was placed as BOB, and he got this wonderful sculpture from the judge.



NORD N SE DK UCH Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great


02.09.2012. The dogs have a new sunbed and Akilles enjoyed it.



28.08.2012. Akilles meets Jørn when he comes home from work.



07.12.2011. On one of our walks in the woods, and the first snow has come this winter.




There are ribs on the table and Akilles really wonder if there is anything left for him.






03.11.2011. Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great :-)



03.11.2011.Akilles in the garden.

10.09.2011.Akilles in the garden.



24.10.2010. My beautiful boy Akilles :-)))



Akilles is drawn by Lindha Falk :-)



24.10.2010. Akilles and Maiti.



20.10.2010. Akilles, Zelda, Trulte and Maiti enjoying themselves by the fireplace.



17.10.2010. Akilles on his daily walk in the woods.



17.10.2010. Akilles, Molly, Trulte and Zelda (mum to B-litter).



16.10.2010. Akilles.



16.10.2010. Zelda and Akilles.

16.10.2010. Molly and Akilles.



31.08.2010. One of our pet cages standing in the bathroom, and of course, all sleep together .... If you look closely you can see that they change places. In the picture to the left is Akilles on top, and the picture on the right, he is under Molly ... :-)



10.06.2010. Akilles in the garden.



10.06.2010. Akilles and his mom "Molly" in the garden.



21.04.2010. Akilles in the woods.



18.02.2010. Winter pictures.


18.02.2010. Akilles.



18.02.2010. Akilles and Trulte.

07.02.2010. Akilles 6 months. He enjoys himself in the chair with Molly and Trulte.



31.10.2009. One of my favorite photos.



31.10.2009. Achilles has been a little over four months and must be placed in the bucket when he should weigh. (4980 grams).



21.10.2009. Akilles, Molly and Trulte relax together.



18.10.2009. Akilles practicing posing.



17.10.2009. Sofa back is a nice place.




05.09.2009. Akilles nearly 6 weeks.



05.09.2009. Akilles nearly 6 weeks. He's a big boy at 1770 grams.







11.08.2009. Akilles has opened both eyes.











27.07.2009. We just got home from the vet.

Molly has bandage because she was unlucky enough to break a bone in the foot a few days before birth.


27.07.2009. Akilles is great good boy and finds mum's tit.



27.07.2009. The first contact with his mum after birth.

Akilles was a big boy at 216 grams, and was born by Caesarean section.

27.07.2009. Akilles was born by Caesarean section and get massages of the vet in while we wait for Molly being sewn.



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