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France Championship, Paris 09.07.2011.

There are 14721 dogs entered, 14625 meet up :-)



I had two dogs with me.

Trulteskogen's Bacchus Born For Fun in junior class


Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great in open class.



All passports to the dogs must be presented before we get into the hall.

  Bjørn Erling, Elizabeth, Caryn and me.



A little practice before we start .....





Trulteskogen's Bacchus Born For Fun.

Excellent and 2 best in the junior class, fawn pug.

Judge: Harri Lehkonen.



Trulteskogen's Bacchus Born For Fun was shown by Philip Williams, and he did a very good job :-)



Bacchus on the table.



In the move ..............



Four Norwegian dogs are taken out for placing in the junior class of 14 (Fawn. Black is a class) ......



1. JC - Tangetoppen's Mysterious Ihle Grande, 2.JC - Trulteskogen's Bacchsu Born For Fun, 3.JC- Highesteem Calvin Klein og 4.JC - Tangetoppen's Wild Hero.

Judge: Harri Lehkonen.



From left: Harri Lehkonen, Bjørn Erling onion, Philip Williams, Merete Årvik Berge and Jenny Williams.



They receive medals and diplomas.



Bacchus wonder if he gets more chicken .........





Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great.

Excellent, and was taken out to the semi-finals in the open class, fawn pug.

Judge: Hans Boelaars.



Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great.



Full concentration .....



Akilles stands nicely on the table.

Judge Hans Boelaars.



Good boy .........



In the move ..............



My beautiful boy ..... :-)



Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great, almost two years old.



We are one of the seven that were selected for the semi-finals.

31 (37 were entered) dogs in the open class, and 18 of them got Excellent.



Excited, who will be the winner ..... It was not us, but we're very happy :-)





Two tired boys.



Diplomas they received :-)



Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great.

He was selected for the semi-finals in the open class(fawn pug), and there were 31 dogs in open class.



Trulteskogen's Bacchus Born For Fun.

Bacchus was placed as number 2 in juniorklasssen, and there were 14 dogs in the class.





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