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Tangetoppen's Trulte Theodora, our first pug.


Breeding Pug on a small scale



About us



We live in a detached house near the woods. The house is on Sole Skog, a residential area in Vestby Municipality located in Akershus county.

Our family consists of my husband Jørn, our 8 pugs and me. We have two adult daughters. Andrea lives in Drammen, and Silje lives in Ålesund.

Pugs live with us in our house, and the puppies are raised in our living room.


The first time I saw a pug was in 1983. There and then I decided that if I would ever have a dog, it had to be a PUG :-)


The spring 2003 we started to talk about getting a dog.

We contacted Tangetoppen kennel and Blå Mandag kennel, and we went to visit them.

Then, as now there was a long waiting list of pugs from known breeders.


Blå Mandag kennel also had Chinese Crested dogs and we ended up to be carer for Blandora Its Unbeleivable "Maiti" a Chinese Crested in summer 2003.


Right before Christmas 2003 we bought our first pug.

It was a black female puppy from Tangetoppen called Tangetoppen's Trulte Theodora "Trulte".

Trulte is now 9,5 years and is still as healthy as could be.



Why dog breeding ......



Animals of different species have always fascinated my children and me.

I grew up with my siblings and we had several different small animals like cats, rabbits, hamsters, white mice, guinea pig and a turtle.

As an adult, my family and I also had many rabbits, guinea pigs, Crete pigg mice, budgies, quails and dwarf chickens of different breeds.

We've had rabbits and chicks hatched out many chickens.


We already knew before we bought a dog we would have puppies, and to keep one ourselves.


Kennel name "Trulteskogen" I got approved by The Norwegian Kennel Club - FCI summer 2005.

We were hoping to have puppies with our first pug Trulte, but unfortunately it did not go as planned.


We bought our next pug, Stall Mascot Money Money "Molly" the spring of 2007.

Molly is the mum to our first litter with our own kennel name.


There was one puppy in A - litter. He is called Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great. Akilles was born the summer of 2009, and he is of course living with us :-)

We have had four litter after that.


We almost daily go for long walks with the dogs. The spring, summer and autumn, we use the forest as much as possible.

In the winter it is not as easy to walk in the woods, it gets dark early, and we have something called snow ... :-)


Objective of our breeding



Kennel Trulteskogen aim to breed healthy, and breed pugs with proper "pug disposition" that buyers and we can enjoy for years to come.

All puppies from us are delivered registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club, microchipped, vaccinated against Parvo, health certificate, folder with different papers, and photos, puppy pack with some food etc and carpet with scent from the litter box.


We are available around the clock for our buyers if there are any questions.

Our kennel uses Norwegian Kennel Club's purchase agreement.



Wanna know more about the dogs and us, or want to come for a visit.

You are welcome to contact us.



Kjersti Berntzen



Trulteskogen Kennel: Kjersti Berntzen, Lokes vei 4, 1540 Vestby, NORWAY

Mobile: + 47 924 07 461. Mail: kjersti.berntzen@gmail.com. Web: www.trulteskogen.com

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