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Pictures of my dogs 2011.




07.12.2011. Forest walk at the first winter day 2011 - 2012.



07.12.2011. Trulteskogen's Akilles The Great :-)



Akilles, Molly, Bacchus, Truls and Bertha.



"Akilles anda Bacchus"



"Bertha, Bacchus anda Akilles"



"All five"

"All five"

"All five"



On the way up at the top.



"Akilles, Bacchus, Trulte, Bertha og Molly"



07.12.2011. The first winter day.




16.10.2011. Pugs enjoying themselves in the the sofa.



Here are five pugs. One is black ....

Bertha, Akilles, Molly, Bacchus and Trulte.



"Bertha, Akilles and Molly"






16.10.2011. "Trulte"



16.10.2011. "Akilles"


13.09.2011. One of autumn almost daily forest walk.






"Bertha og Akilles"



The trail has become a small stream.



Bacchus wondering how to get over.






"Bertha and Bacchus"




"Bertha and Akilles"




13.09.2011. Molly, TRulte, Bertha and Bacchus.




10.09.2011. Photos taken in the garden.






Bertha and Bacchus help Jørn with mowing the lawn.



Trulte and Akilles enjoying themselves in the autumn sun.



Bertha, Akilles and Bacchus on the rocks in the garden.



Bertha og Bacchus.



10.09.2011. Sibling Love :-) Bertha and Bacchus.




06.05. - 08.05.2011. We were visiting my sister in Høvåg.



07.05.2011. Akilles, Bacchus and Bertha are tired after a long day full of new experiences.



07.05.2011. Bacchus and Bertha on Vieheia in Lillesand.



07.05.2011. Janne, Bertha og Bacchus.




04.05.2011. Photos from one of our walks in the woods. The trip called Kalføssrunden and is 6.5 km.



"Bertha" My wood anemone girl ....






"The gang"

04.05.2011. It is exciting to stand on the bridge looking down into Fallentinstream.



04.05.2011. All water can be bathed in .............



Bertha, Akilles, Bacchus and Molly.

Trulte our black pug does not like water, so she was not bathing ....



04.05.2011. It smells good.......



Bertha and Bacchus. Two good friends and siblings.



Bertha, Bacchus and Akilles is always in front.



04.05.2011. Should we wait?




28.01.2011. Enjoy on the carpet in front of the fireplace one night in January.



Bertha, Akilles, Molly, and Trulte.

Akilles with one of his favorite toys.



Molly and Trulte.



28.01.2011. All together on the carpet in front of the fireplace.

Bacchus, Bertha, Akilles, Molly and Trulte.




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