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Trulteskogen's Brono Born For Light

Født 26.09.2010.






Brono moved from us 12.12.2010, 11 weeks old.

He is now owned by Lena Braathen and are daily called "Nure". They live in Kristiansend.

They have no plans to use Nure as a show dog, but we're going to meet him once in a while.




16.08.2012. Nure the walk along the sea.



01.07.2012. Nure out at a cafe.



07.05.2012. Nure out at a cafe.



08.05.2011. Bertha and Bacchus visit their brother Brono "Nure" in Kristiansand.



08.05.2011. Brono almost 7.5 months.



12.12.2010. Last day with us. Nure will soon be picked up by their new owners.



03.12.2010. Nure's been almost 10 weeks.



31.11.2010. Nure 9 weeks.


22.11.2010. Nure 8 weeks.



13.11.2010. Nure is almost 7 weeks.





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